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As much as I rave about WSUS, I have known plenty of people who have had trouble getting it to update the computers on their networks.

Zendform not validating

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ZF wraps all the form elements in additional markup with the help of decorators.

The default XHTML for a hidden field in a Zend_Form looks something like this: The definition tags have display:block, so they insert a lot of empty spaces in the layout.

It is handy though on a mobile platform as the keyboard changes to a type where the @ sign is not tucked away in some dark corner.

The one major advantage in browsers that support this new feature is that they trigger a validation process (client sided! No more tedious javascripting of your own to pre-validate email addresses. Each input type triggers a certain validation (which, unfortunately, is browser dependent! Besides the new input-types, HTML5 also provides some other tags that are interessing when dealing with our forms: I won’t go into detail on these elements but I have them prepared in the codebase.

I'm working on a script that runs through the form elements, their validators, adding "class" attributes for each validator in order to get frontend javascript validation (using jquery.validation Engine.js).

Wouldn't want to reinvent the wheel though if there already is some excellent solution for this Thanks for the plugin My question is, how to proceed with the action input, if there are more than one language.

First the datalist is a mixture of the input and select elements.

We don't necessarily need to register our forms with it, as it will check to see if a requested instance is a form when attempting to pull one from it.For temp measure this will work until you will find a better solution.But i anyway get message "The input was not found in the haystack".Like such: I’m very curious who is the rocket scientist that came up with this idea and more important why.Why shouldn’t I be allowed to change the class of an empty label?Since W3C published its HTML5 specs in January 2008 many browsers have started their implementation of the improved XML structure and its new attributes.