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That’s why the mostly white casting in the Shyamalan movie was so controversial. But Korra isn’t the only strong, nuanced female in this world. Women are allowed to be good, women are allowed to be evil, and the final confrontation of the series last night came down to women who were not unlike each other. The men get their time to shine just as much as the women. The bond between the two women, which overwhelmed their previous attachment to Mako, has been seeded for seasons now. , who were changed to “cousins” in the Americanized version, are finally coming out of the closet. We launched with a robust library for each channel and look forward to delighting our customers by adding new titles each week.” Unfortunately, it is not.Like all other Amazon Channels, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee. Yes you do, which is another requirement for all Amazon Channels.Now that Anime Strike has been available to Prime subscribers for a little over two months, it’s time to check in on the new service. However, whereas other Amazon Channels connect to third-party streaming services, allowing you to access and pay for streaming content through one portal, Anime Strike is a channel exclusively from Amazon.This means that you can only access Anime Strike through your Prime account, but it also means that Anime Strike has all the accessibility of Prime Video. Anime Strike is also Amazon Channels’ first curated on-demand subscription service.However, because anime is a niche interest, the largest streaming services typically only focus on the biggest anime hits. There are a few anime-centric streaming services on the market that are pretty great, including Crunchyroll and Funimation’s subscription service.