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I guess I’m a Merc guy.”Rating: 8“I love that for what it is,” Frampton says. “Nothing fits in the S63 trunk, just an overnight bag maybe.

If I go to someone’s house, we’re in Nashville, everyone’s got a studio here, so when I go and visit a fellow musician, or go to a studio and do sessions, which I do here, I’ll take the wagon and load it up with my amps and guitars.”Frampton says there’s less traffic in Nashville than Los Angeles. “I would hope so, but we are getting a hundred people a day move to Nashville, so it’s getting there,” he says.

Frampton says it's nice to find a new way to play these tunes after 40 years."And I think the audience is interested in being there, because they are experiencing (the songs) in a different way. Between acoustic tunes, Frampton tells personal stories to audiences— including a bit on late rock legend David Bowie, whom Frampton remembers as a family friend."My dad was his teacher, and they never lost touch.

Plus, you can hear a pin drop when I'm telling the stories. Whether I was in the picture or not, my Dad and Dave had a very close relationship, until we lost my dad.

As I just put in a (press release), 'Peace, love and the truth trump everything, always.' That's my belief.

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People really appreciate it."A 2016 filled with loss in the rock world has had Frampton, 66, thinking a little bit more about his own mortality."It makes you aware of one's own destiny, which is...it's inked! Regardless of how he feels about the current administration, he's happy to call the United States home."I still believe this is the best country to live in in the world. I think things will change drastically, I'm hoping, in the not too distant future.

Frank Sinatra's widow Barbara Sinatra is dead at 90, a rep announced Tuesday.

The former model and showgirl, who was Old Blue Eyes' fourth wife, married Sinatra in 1976 and was with him for 22 years until his death in 1998.

She and Frank did not have any children together, but she's survived by her only child, Robert Marx, and one granddaughter.

Peter Frampton threw a tantrum on stage Sunday night at a Minnesota concert, it has been revealed.